Vision: Blessing & Good News for this generation

MLG helps clergy and the whole congregation to explore what it means for their church to engage in mission and provides support & encouragement, to engage fruitfully and effectively with the challenge.

MLG aims to…

  • Provide every incumbent with the opportunity to engage with the most up to date thinking on missional leadership and positive support to apply this in their local context.
  • Engage every parish in developing a mission team and local project to engage more of its community in experiencing the life and message of the church & the gospel.
  • Contribute to our Diocesan vision for reaching youth, tackling poverty and growing church congregations.
  • Provide opportunities for training in mission, evangelism and outreach
  • Respond to local cultural change with the good news of Jesus by relevantly demonstrating and declaring the gospel in every parish
  • To support our vision of establishing 5 new congregations across the Diocese, a new missionproject in every parish, and 2% growth in attendance by 2020.

It is our prayer that each of us will find ways, together with our families, churches and clergy to engage in this and participate in blessing our communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of us all.

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