Evangelism in a Catholic Context

‘Evangelization is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity, She exists in order to evangelize’. 

Pope Paul VI Evangelii Nuntiandi, 14.

Evangelism’ (literally, the process of sharing the good news) is the priviledge and mission of every follower of Christ and every congregation, but it sometimes really helps to have some resources, encouragement and ideas to get us going in this. 

1, The Catholic Conference of Bishops have produced a brilliant leaflet entitled ‘Everyday Evangelising for Everyday Catholics’ which can be downloaded and printed (or linked to via your church website or facebook page) and has some sensible and ‘do-able’ pointers on how to share our faith at home, work and through the life of the church. You can download it here: 

2, ‘Together’ is the quarterly publication for Anglo-Catholic churches. The Summer 2019 edition has a special focus on evangelism, including an interview with Bishop Philip North (Bishop of Burnley) and a series of short accounts describing how different churches across the country are engaging in mission. Bishop Philip’s article is particularly encouraging, Bishop Philip noting..

‘People often think that, in order to share faith, you need to understand every single aspect of the Gospel, know every word in the Bible and be able to answer every question. You don’t! .. In a nation where 93% of people don’t attend church, your story of coming to faith is pretty amazing. You may not feel able to give a full account of what it means to be set free in Christ, but you can tell your own story of coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord’. 

You can download Together by clicking here.

3, Alpha in a Catholic Context – Finally, many of us have heard of the Alpha Course, (which had its origins many years ago as a course for preparing candidates for confirmation). Today the course has developed to become a well resourced, international course for discipleship and evangelism that thousands of churches from many denominations are finding a fantastic help in engaging their parishes in mission.

Resources specifically tailored for Catholic churches have been developed in partnership between the Anglican and Catholic church including a manual. You can find out more here https://alpha.org/catholic-context/home  or watch stories on how Alpha has helped local churches engage in mission which you can share with your church or put on facebook.

You can take a look at Father Benoit’s story here.

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