Tools to help you share the Waymark experience

Earlier this autumn, 500 delegates, representing every parish, chaplaincy & worshipping community from around Diocese gathered for 2 days of learning, reflection, worship & prayer. The conference marked the beginning of what we are describing as the Waymark Process – 12 months to seek God & discern how He wants to shape our mission together over the next 5 years.

Over the course of the 2 days we were brilliantly fed by our guest speakers Bishop Emma Ineson (Bishop of Penrith) and the wonderful Matthew Frost (one of the key voices behind the Setting God’s People Free report). You can watch all of the talks, including Bishop Paul’s opening and closing address on our website  – why not show one in a Sunday service or midweek homegroup?

But what next? Here are a few resources to help you take the next step with..

  • Prayer – One of the highlights of Waymark was the Prayer Space run by a team of local volunteers. Like the disciples we all grow when we ask ‘Lord, teach us to pray’. 24:7 Prayer have recently produced a brilliant resource called The Prayer Coursean 8 week journey through the Lord’s Prayer which you could run as a church or in homes. Find out more at
  • Sharing our Faith – So many of us feel ‘If only my friend knew about God’ but struggle to know how to share the good news about knowing Jesus. The Talking Jesus course is a brilliant way to increase our confidence and find some really easy, sensible things we can do to effectively share our faith. Click on the link for more info or borrow a copy from the religious resources centre or by talking to one of the MMS team staff at Cuthbert House.
  • Discipleship – If you were struck by Matthew Frost’s call to strengthen the whole church as disciples and missionaries in everyday life why not check out the Waymark Course, the Pilgrim Booklet or some of the modules from the Blessing Course .
  • Caring for GOD’s Creation – Many of us were deeply affected by the Young People’s presentation, calling us to engage with the challenge of climate change more effectively. ‘Saying Yes to Life’ is the hugely helpful Archbishop’s 2020 Lent Resource designed to help congregations explore the biblical case and practical implications around how we should respond to the environmental challenges that face us.

And finally, looking ahead to 2020 we are thrilled to be hosting Waymark+ teaching days, running throughout the year to provide opportunities to gather together, to learn, to network, to plan and to pray. More information to follow in the New Year.

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