Hosting a Waymark Sunday/ Waymark Night.

Getting folks from around our Diocese together for the recent 2019 Waymark Conference was so positive in so many ways and not least the opportunity to learn, reflect, celebrate & pray together.

In the light of this it’s so important that we find ways to share the experience and some of the resources with our wider communities.

1, Host a Waymark Night or a Waymark Sunday

At its most simple you can do this in someone’s house – all you need is a laptop, a teapot and some wifi. All the talks from Waymark are on the Diocesan website (which you can find here). just scroll down the page to the section lower down headed ‘VIDEOS’).

  • Choose a talk – Matthew Frost’s second talk on ‘A Disciple’s Journey’, Bishop Emma’s talk on ‘Blessedness‘, the Children’s Council Video or Bishop Paul’s closing remarks are some of the current favourites around the Diocese at present.
  • Show the video and then use the discussion questions (below) to get people talking. In a bigger group get folks to discuss in 2’s or 3’s then feedback. A quiet or more introverted group will benefit from having a bit more time to process – printing the questions out will help them.
  • Running a Waymark Sunday gets the whole congregation involved – Show one of the videos, interview someone who attended, use the Waymark Prayer, invite a guest speaker or perhaps sing one of the newer songs you heard at the Conference.

2, Begin to explore ‘What’s next?!’

Our ‘Resources’ video is a really concise (4 min) overview of some of the things you could do next – 6 ways to begin to engage with or strengthen mission, prayer, discipleship and care for the environment. Why not show it at PCC, housegroups, in the news & notices slot on a Sunday or share it on your facebook page or website and ask people what do you think we should do next? Take a look at here

3, Discussion questions to get people engaging with the Waymark talks.

The following are designed to work with any of the Waymark talks (Bishop Emma on Blessedness, Matthew Frost’s second talk ‘A Disciple’s Journey’, Bishop Paul’s closing remarks or the Ecumenical Guests interview would all work particularly well for this). (For some groups capturing our answers on a big sheet of paper can be really interesting and provide a stimulus for prayer later on).

Show the video then ask some of the following..

  1. How did you see this issue before now? What new ideas or perspectives did hearing the talk bring?
  2. What did you find challenging, encouraging or surprising? Why?
  3. If there was one bit of the talk you’d like to share with someone else what would that be? (NB: Keep this positive & constructive!).
  4. What did the talk reveal about Jesus?
  5. As you reflect on the talk what one thing would you like to ask God?

Activity: Make some time to be quiet before God. Invite people to ask God to speak to them by bringing to mind a particular point from the talk or scripture.

  • Question: What do you sense God might be showing you? What do you think the next step might be for you or for our community?
  • Read the Waymark prayer together to finish.

Finally, we still have some Waymark Conference packs available – contact the MMS office if you’d like a few to share with your congregation (email:

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