APEST – Understanding our gifting & call

One regular feature of the MLG experience has been participants finding that the programme has helped them to reconnect with their original vocational call. APEST is an important feature in this process and gives participants a simple, independent tool to reconsider how God has ‘wired’ them and what this might mean for the strengths they can bring to mission and those gaps which create the need and space for us to invite others to participate in cultivating and leading missional growth together.

Inspired by the five-fold ministries described in Ephesians 4 the APEST tool describes the blend of gifting we each have in order for us to consider what tools God might have given us to more fruitfully employ in and contribute towards catalysing mission and being missional ourselves.

Taking the test

Every MLG participant will be emailed a link to the APEST test early on in the MLG process. You are encouraged to bring your results to Residential 1 where they will be discussed and reflected on. This is normally a fun and very helpful component to the programme. The costs of taking this will be covered by the MLG

Back in the Parish

Later on participants may find it helpful to take the APEST test with their Mission team, shared ministry development team or key leaders and to use this in considering how to work effectively as a team in reaching your parish. Mission Support Partners are available to help with this and to deliver training to your church.

Other resources.

  • Take the APEST testhttps://5qcentral.com/product/apest-vocational-assessment/
  • The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsh (Brazos, 2nd Edition, 2016) is a useful introduction to the idea of apostolic forms of church. (NB: In using the term apostolic Hirsch et al emphasise the pioneering element to the church in a post-christendom context – it is not claiming parity with the Apostolic identity and work of the early church!). It is however a really useful reassessment of the missional task and calls the whole church to reconsider the task and opportunity of expressing and embodying the gospel in the emerging social context.
  • 5Q by Alan Hirsch (published by 100 Movements, April 2017) is a comprehensive introduction to the idea of APEST. Written at some length, this is a useful text but very jargon-heavy so may not appeal to everyone.