Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a major, internationally recognised personality inventory to help leaders better understand themselves, others and their teams in order to help them make the most of their relationships in any shared endeavour such as the workplace or church leadership. Using a simple colour based scheme, Insights helps people identify their strengths and the value they can bring to a situation.

Every MLG participant takes a online assessment (taking about 35 minutes) the results of which are processed by Insights Discovery before being returned to the participant at the Insights Day which usually takes place between Residential 1 & 2. The results are confidential but yours to share if you feel comfortable to do so.

During the Insights day an external consultant teaches us through the different profiles and their strengths, gifts and flash-points in order to help us maximise our communication and contribution in church ministry. This is a high quality resource which we feel very proud to be able to offer to our clergy.

You can find out more about the Insights Discovery programme at

Links to the survey will be emailed out a few weeks before your MLG cohort’s Insight Day. All costs will be covered by the Diocese.