Planning your Mission Project

The MLG aims to support and resource incumbent Clergy to re-imagine their roles as priest-equippers and missional leaders so that every parish is able to develop a mission team and a new missional project in their area.

In setting out in preparing your MLG project its important to remember a couple of things..

  1. MLG projects are planned and launched by a local team. By working together more people will take ownership and grow in their sense of mission and being part of the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the project together the experience will be more transformational than if the idea and plan only comes from the vicar.
  2. You don’t need to do everything. Some parishes will have loads ideas (which is great!). However you can’t do them all. Keep it simple – you can always ‘bank’ those ideas for another time or even to include another group of people.
  3. You are not on your own – help is available from the other churches in the ALS that you are associated with, from your Mission Support Partner and the wider MLG team.

Clergy Task:

  • Identify some people from your congregation to help plan a local MLG mission project.
  • Facilitate the team in identifying a new missional opportunity
  • Share your plans with the MLG team as they evolve
  • Develop, deliver and review a MLG missional project in your parish

You may find it helpful to follow the missional project planning map below –