Preparing your follow up day presentation

A good presentation is about 4 or 5 minutes long and usually features 2 voices. (It should not just be clergy).

  • It doesn’t need to have a powerpoint. If you do please limit this to 4 slides max.
  • It’s fine if your project is still at the starting line – tell us about the background or the idea/vision. 

Below are some of the things we’ve observed often make a good presentation. You don’t have to do them all but try to bear them in mind. 

  1. They briefly describe the context(‘Our parish is a traditional colliery town, with lots of families and old people, 5 miles outside Durham..’)
  2. They describe an idea, problem, or opportunity (e.g.: ‘when Asylum seekers started moving into our neighbourhood we knew the church had to do something to help these people. So this became our MLG project’…)
  3. They touch on the process (‘Initially we decided to go and visit the families we knew of and we asked the Headteacher to give us some contacts. Quickly we realised the main need was helping them with English…’)
  4. They share a problem or challenge (‘Whilst we had fun running the English classes we realised that we were nervous about inviting them to church and when they did come they didn’t understand any of it. On top of this we have no provision for childrens work on a sunday….’)
  5. They answer what’s next? (‘Instead we are going to invite them all to Christingle and then, a couple of weeks later Carols – we know we can make these really good experiences for them. We are planning a party afterwards to help the congregation befriend the families from the English Class..’)
  6. They share what we learnt (‘Through the language classes we have discovered that we didn’t need to be frightened of other cultures. We learnt that by sharing a cuppa, playing games and inviting people to things we already do we can make a difference. We’ve also realised we need to pray more and set aside money in next years budget….) 
  7. They are honest. 

Often the presentations are one of the best parts of the follow up day – hearing other people’s stories is always hugely helpful and even when a project hasn’t worked, the fact of people stepping out encourages & strengthens everyone else’s faith.

Finally, to help, here’s a plan of a past presentation (names changed!).