Local story: ‘Share’

Having started MLG, Shildon Vicar David Tomlinson decide to recruit his Mission Team through an open invite to anyone from the congregation, gathering seven church members (most of whom had not had much experience in organising church activities before) to explore doing something new to reach out to the community around them in mission.

After thought and consideration the group decided to run a low key invitational event with music and stories, some of which would have a testimonial component, sharing how they’d come to faith in Christ and the difference this made. Each person resolved to invite at least 3 non churched friends.

The event itself went really well. It was well attended, had a really strong sense of ownership from the lay team who did all the cooking and produced a very positive and relaxed atmosphere for the guests and their hosts and whilst the event was not repeated it did lead into running the Start Course, which several of the guests attended. Since then three of the guests have been confirmed with one joining the church worship team. For each of the guests ‘Share’ was an important step on their faith journey and for all of the team it was a significant experience in seeing how we can all be involved in Mission.