The MLG Story

The region around our diocese has a long and deep history of mission – of pioneering, befriending and serving in order to proclaim and embody the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today this is a message many in our communities are yet to hear and respond to. God is calling & equipping us to go and to freshly articulate Christ’s message to our region, imitating the example of the northern saints and our patron Cuthbert who first brought the gospel to our region – who reached out, demonstrating and declaring the good news of Jesus in ways that spoke to and transformed our forebears and left a rich legacy in this area.

The Missional Leadership for Growth programme is a key strand of our response to God’s call and the need we recognise to do this again – a call which will involve the whole of God’s church.

MLG provides an opportunity for clergy and congregations to explore what it means for their church to engage in mission to the people of today’s North East and provides support, encouragement, ideas and resources for every parish to engage fruitfully and effectively with the challenge.

Bishop Paul writes –

Leadership Development is a key aspect of our diocesan strategic ‘plan on a page’.  Missional Leadership for Growth is a bespoke programme which has been thoughtfully developed with experienced leadership practitioners. I have personally benefited greatly from such opportunities and I cannot speak highly enough of the difference such programmes can make.  They have shaped my life as a disciple, priest and leader. 

It is our prayer that each of us will find ways, together with our families, churches and clergy to engage in this and participate in blessing our communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of us all.