Waymark Conference

As we approach the conclusion of our current five year plan, the Waymark Conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity to gather clergy and laity from every parish across the Diocese to reflect on mission, leadership and culture change in this part of the country together and to prayerfully discern the way ahead.  Bishop Paul notes –

‘This conference, and the build-up to it over the coming months, mark a critical period in the life of our Diocese.  We have named the conference Waymark, as our gathering will be an important step on our journey; a moment of arrival, of pausing for reflection, and then moving ahead together.

Gathering 500 clergy, laity and young people representing every parish in the region, the Waymark conference forms a highpoint in the MLG initiative and aims to..

  • Reflect on the 3 priorities for the Diocese – Growth, Children & Young People, and Poverty.
  • Be equipped to understand and engage with the challenges of mission at this time in our Diocese.
  • Be encouraged, guided and challenged, with the help of keynote speakers and ecumenical friends, to respond to and discern God’s direction for Diocesan and parish life.
  • Actively seek God’s preferred and promised future for Durham Diocese and move forward together in seeking God’s will.

Waymark deliberately draws on many of the same principles underpinning the MLG – collaboration, learning together, sharing best practice, encouragement, prayer, boldness for change and love for the local context.

Combining high quality stage led learning with interaction, discussion, active learning, prayer, reflection, break out space and opportunities for discussion, sharing & feedback loops, our prayer is that it will be a definitive moment in the missional story of our Diocese.

The Diocesan prayer for Waymark captures this aspiration –

Loving God, guiding the people of Durham Diocese faithfully through the years; we thank you for saints who have marked our path… Help us to find the way in our generation: transformed by your truth, sharing your life, blessing our communities. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.